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My Fourth Year

Autumn 2000


11th May 2000

I had lots of fun playing with the ride-on digger at Warringah Mall shopping centre. The controls really worked and you were able to pick up sand.

28th May 2000

Having dinner at the Black Stump restaurant with our Canadian visitors.

Black Stump

Rainbow Bay

2nd June 2000

Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta. I went down to the beach today and built a sand castle with Kayla.

3rd June 2000

I was lucky to get a special meeting with Tweety and Marvin the Martian at MovieWorld

Tweety and Marvin


3rd June 2000

Giving Tweety a big hug. 

Thank you to the staff in Guest Services for making it a special day for me.

3rd June 2000

While we had lunch, we got to see Bugs Bunny and all his friends put on a show.

Looney Tunes show

Family Reunion

4th June 2000

With all the tribe who converged on Coolangatta for the family reunion.

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